What others are saying...

  • Young men from St. Gertrude come prepared with the academic tools to succeed in our rigorous academic program.  More importantly is their ability to actively integrate into a culture that expects them to move beyond self in service to others.”

    --Roderick D. Hinton, Director of Admission & Strategic Projects, St. Xavier High School

  • St Gertrude students come to St. Ursula Academy prepared to manage the exciting curriculum we offer. They excel spiritually and emotionally and appreciate our nurturing Catholic educational community. Graduates of St. Gertrude mature and develop into well-rounded young women of St. Ursula Academy; filled with confidence, empathy, self-esteem, and dignity who are committed to building a better world.”

    --Lelia Kramer, President of St. Ursula Academy



    The Saint Gertrude students . . .
    have been very well prepared and highly focused on academic success."

    --teacher from St. Xavier High School

  • During my time at SGS, I learned Thoughtfulness, Responsibility, Respect, and Devotion to God, among many other things. Our teachers taught us to be thoughtful of others, be responsible for our actions, be respectful toward one another, and be devoted to God. All my teachers, and the rest of the faculty, were always supportive. I’m thankful for their impact on my life."

     – Joseph Geraci, winner of the PTO Scholarship and a FR at Moeller High School

  • “We've had great sports experiences at SGS over the years – our girls played volleyball, basketball, and softball and the boys played football, basketball, and baseball. They all made great friends, grew in their skills, and have developed a lifelong love of sports. Another benefit we've had as parents came from meeting all the other kids' parents over the years. Nothing like sitting in the bleachers game after game to develop friendships. We've met so many great parents and coaches over the years, wouldn't trade all that time for anything.”

    -- Diane and Mike Mock, current and former parents

At SGS, your child(ren) can:

  • Make New Friends (Parents too!)
  • Meet Teachers and Administrators!
  • Tour Our School!
  • Participate in our Many Traditions
  • Enroll in After Care
  • Learn Latin and  Explore Spanish
  • Attend Weekly Student-Led Mass
  • Become Leaders and Earn Honors
  • Earn Scholarships for HS; Class of ‘12=over $15K